The Uccello Clan

Vacio, The Oldest Brother And The "Falcon"

Warrior_m.jpg vampire warrior image by confessor_2009


Born into a small village ( cliche I know ), father was killed in a raid, was separated from his mother and brother Revelian, however he miraculously survived through many years of melancholy and uncivilized conditions, until reunited with his brother, thus bitten by a pure-blooded vampire, becoming one himself, yet gaining attributes in combat as he tears through flesh and blood with his favorite weapons, The Hookswords. In part, he also met Sanoske, and Keo, but soon found out they were contrarily of the Family bloodline, however with apart Biological-Fathers. Yet the origins or whereabouts of his mother remain unknown. Vacio lacks care for many, except/apart from family and loved ones.

~Vodka Addict FTW~ 

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