The Uccello Clan

Acheron Vivente's Prelude, How He Came To Be.


Roncade, Italy, Over 1000 Years Ago.

Time: 7:00 Pm

Ayame, the Vampire Mistress, Silently walked down the Road, the light of the full Moon illuminating her night gown, as her jet black hair could barley be seen in the darkness.

Memories flashed in her head.

“CRACK!’’ The lightning crackled across the sky, as the rain poured down.

Ayame was on her knee, as her feet soaked in the mud, her Dress ripped across the bottom.

A man stood in front of her, his body illuminated in every flash of lightning, as his red eyes looked out.

She outstretched her hand. “Please, don’t take them..!’’

The man just stared..

And then, in an instant, he was gone.

She narrowed her eyes, a single tear dropped, splashing against the ground.

As she walked down the road, something caught her eye.

An alleyway stretched in-between two buildings.

What caught her eye was the Large Bush, ripped out from its roots, was placed in front of the alley, blocking from sight whatever was behind it.

She stepped towards it, grabbing hold of the bush and moving it out of the way.

She peered down through the alley, saw a few rockss, then her eyes stopped, as Red, Blue, narrow eyes met hers, peering out from a Cardboard box at the end of the alleyway.

 She stepped slowly over to it, as the walls almost seemed like they were closing in on her.

She squatted down, slowly moving her hand in front of her.

“Are you alright…?”

There was no response at first.

But then, in a flash of Lightning, the figure was illuminated, it was a Man, his sharp fangs gleamed in the moonlight, as the wolf ears Protruded from his head.

Ayame’s eyes widened a bit, realizing that this person wasn’t a man at all, but instead, a Wolf-Demon man.

“..Ive..Been better..’’

She grinned a bit. “Your Name…?”

“Kan.” The man answered Blankly.

“What happened to you…?”

“My…family…I was…betrayed.”

Ayame’s grin lost, she almost felt pity for him.

She outstretched her hand, smiling.

“Come With Me.” The moon illuminated her smile, spread across her face, her beauty was Amazing.

Kan looked up at her, then at her hand.

His hand outstretched, his claws cut.

It firmly grasped Ayame’s and Kan smiled, their eyes met.



Roncade, Italy, Over 980 Hundred Years Ago.

6:00 Pm.

Ayame’s Child, has been Born!”

A vampire man stepped out from a doorway, a group of Men and women surrounding him.

Behind him, Maymi, Ayame’s sister grabbed hold of her hand as she heavily gasped, laying across a white bed.

The man unfolded the towel that was around the baby in his arms, feeling proud.

But his feelings changed when he saw the horrible looks from the rest of the group.

Because there, on the baby boys head, wolf ears were protruding.


Roncade, Italy. Over  800 Hundred Years Ago

“Take Him, get out of here!” Ayame yelled to Maymi, as a flaming torch shot through the air, landing next to her and exploding, lightning up the darkness around them in the forest.

“Ayame!” Maymi Yelled.

She coughed, fanning away the smoke, as in the Distance, a group of Figures were moving towards them, holding torches, their red eyes glowing through the dark, bats flew over head, following them.

Maymi Nodded, Reaching down to her left, and scooping up the young Boy Tsu, his hair gleamed in the fire.

Maymi shot off into the sky, As Tsu’s arms outstretched, yelling at Ayame, who waved and smiled.

“Mom, No!”

Ayame turned around, and in an instant, the ground beneath her exploded, as flame erupted into the air.

And that was the last Tsu ever saw of her.

She flew for days, the boy Tsu sleeping in her arms.

The sun pierced through the clouds, as she came into mist, seeing the shadowy figure of a house.

She slowly flew down to it, landing in front of the giant steps, the house was huge.

She slowly walked up the steps, as Two figures met her at the top, they had been expecting her.

They were wolf Demon Men, one around 15, the other much older.

“Is this him…?” The man asked, reaching out his arms.

Maymi took one last look at Tsu, and kissed him on his head, slowly moving him into the arms of the man.

“Yes, that’s him.”

The teenage boy looked over at the sleeping Tsu, peering over at him.

“And the name…?” The man asked.

“Tsuyoi. Tsuyoi Vivente.”

Maymi took one last look at the sleeping Tsu, and turned around, shooting off into the sky, vanishing into the mist.



Location Unknown, Over 500 Years Ago.

Time: Unknown.

The mist has disappeared, revealing the Large Brown House, the only one in the empty area.

“Catch, Brother!” The wolf demon Man, Kai, gripped the ball, throwing it through the air in front of him.

Tsu, Still Young, Ran across the grass, he was wearing A T-shirt and pants, as he outstretched his hands, diving through the air.

He caught the ball, sliding across the grass into the fence, hitting his head.

“Ow!” He yelled, gripping his head as he let go of the ball, sitting up.

Kai stepped over to him, laughing.

“You alright there, brother?” He smiled, his shadow Looming over Tsu.

Tsu looked up, smiling at Kai.

“Im Fine, brother!” He said happily, standing up.

Kai ruffled his hair.

“Well that’s good, now lets-!” Kai couldn't finish his sentence, as an explosion erupted out of the Left side of the house, a piece of the roof flying outwards through the air.

A line Of Vampires shot across the sky, their black figures moving like darts across the sky.

“No. Their attacking now?!”

Kai’s eyes widened, as he grabbed Tsu.

Before tsu had a chance to say anything, Kai vanished in a blur.

He landed; the house was now only a dot in the distance.

“Tsu, stay here, do not come near that house, Understand?!” Kai almost yelled.

Tsu sniffled, scratching his eye. “Ri-Right, Brother.”

Kai smiled, ruffling up his hair, then turned around, shooting off in a blur.

Tsu watched in horror, as the right side of the house set aflame, His wolf demon Family had Come out, and were blurring across the sky, raging the fight against the vampires.

Something glinted in the sky, and Tsu heard a sound hit the ground behind him.

He turned his head, a tall, Vampire Man in a black suit.

“Why if it isn’t a little wolf-demon boy.”

Tsu stepped back, trembling.

The man took a step forward.

“You shouldn’t be here, let me take you over to the battle, and let you experience the full feeling of Bloody War.”

Before tsu could do anything else, the mans fist came ramming down, and smashed him in the top of his head, knocking him out.

“Wh-Wha..? What Happened…?” That single thought echoed across Tsu’s mind as his eyes slowly opened.

He was back next to His Home, as it busted into flames.

In front of him, His own family was fighting the vampires.

He tried to move, but his head, legs, and arms were being held By metal Braces, gripped Firmly into the ground.

“A perfect way of Torture, if I do say so myself…” That same vampire man’s voice echoed from behind him, as tsu saw him out of the corner of his eye.

He turned his eyes back, and watched in horror as the vampire group Multiplied, and his family was slaughtered, puddles of blood spilling across the ground, one reaching under his feet.

His eyes were widened, and he was yelling, crying, his own family was dieing in front of his eyes.

An arrow shot through the sky, and pierced the vampire man to the left of him through the heart; it glowed and exploded through the inside.

The man fell over behind tsu, his Blood spurting out over Tsu’s back and head, staining his hair and clothes.

A bomb exploded, as Fire erupted out from the middle of the now Gory Battle Field, a sheet of smoke shot across the ground, enveloping Tsu.

He closed his eyes, and opened them, the battlefield was fogged from the smoke, and he could hear the screams of his family members behind it.

He was crying more, but his eyes Widened as he saw a Familiar Figure.

Maymi turned around, looking down at Tsu from the smoke.

“..Tsu!” She smiled, yelling.

Tsu managed to smile back, the sight of Maymi gave him new hope.

Maymi Moved towards Tsu, but then stopped.

“Aunt May..?” Tsu quietly said.

Maymi’s eyes shot up, and were now all white, a red line shot across her neck, as blood poured out from it, her head falling off, and hitting the ground right at Tsu’s feet.

Tsu couldn't take it anymore.

He let out a piercing scream, as it echoed across the sky.

Maymi’s headless body fell down on Tsu; her arm limped over his shoulder, as her headless neck landing in front of his chest.

The blood was bursting out of it, it splattered across his face, it got into his eyes, his nose, even his mouth, it shot across his shirt and pants, his feet already soaked, until he was coated in blood.

He screamed In horror.

Then over may, fell a vampire, an arrow through his chest; he fell over atop Maymi, his head landing over Tsu’s Left shoulder.

The Vampire hadn’t died yet, and in his dieing action, he pierced Tsu’s neck with his fangs, drinking all that he could.

Then, the arrow glowed, and exploded from the vampires insides, as pieces of him splattered across the already coated-in-blood Tsu, the fire from the explosion slamming into his face, going up his nose.

He screamed more, his mind had went out of whack, his brain had messed up, he hacked up blood, his vampire traits were awakening, but he had gone insane with horror.

All he did was scream, he couldn’t stop.

Out of the smoke came his brother Kai.

He didn't say a word, but silently grabbed hold of Tsu, ripping the metal braces off of him, and he shot through the sky.

Tsu looked back, his arms Flailing as he saw the hundreds of Dead Bodies Laying across the ground, the area filled with blood, he kept screaming, through the distance, as his scream echoed across the sky, and they both disappeared into the distance.


A Hospital in Venice, Italy. A little over 100 Years ago.

Time: 11:50 Pm.

“Are you Kai Vivente?” The doctor asked, stepping out from a door where Tsu was being Held.

Kai stood up from the chair; a Hat was covering his Wolf Ears.

“Doctor Moro, is he..?!”

The doctor put his hand over Kai’s shoulder. “Your little brother is going to be fine, but theirs something you need to know, please, sit down.”

Kai nodded, sitting down. “What is it..?”

The doctor sighed.

“We don’t know why, but…whatever happened to your little brother has Severely messed up his Brain, his mind is out of whack. This may lead him to act Immature, then act serious, going from one mood to the next, he may go insane, he may try to kill, only a substance that tastes good to him, an Alcohol perhaps, would keep him from Going insane, but would not stop the other side effects from his messed up Mind.”

Kai’s eyes widened, and he sighed, nodding.

“Thank you doctor Moro. I…I understand.”

The doctor nodded, and stood up, helping Kai out of his chair. “He’s in the room, would you like to see him…?”

Kai nodded. “Please leave us alone for a minute or to.”

The doctor Agreed, closing the door behind Kai as he stepped into the room, seeing Tsu lay across the bed.

He smiled, seeing his face.

“You’ll do fine, little brother…you’ll do fine.”

Kai remembered something the doctor has said.

“Only a substance that tastes good to him, an Alcohol perhaps, would keep him from going insane.”

Kai reached into his Pocket, and out of it he pulled a silver bottle, pouring it into the cup on the side of Tsu’s bed.

He placed the bottle down; the words could be seen across it.

The bottle Said: “Kaze No Sake.”

Kai exited the room.


Sherwood, Room 99 In Emerald Server, A few years ago.

Time: 4:00.


As the residents of 99 Socialized, a few of them turned their heads as a single figure stepped into the room.

It was, he was older, His hair and Lengthened, and Fangs Protruded from his Teeth, claws sharp across his Fingers.

He was silent for a moment, as were the people who stared at him.

“Remember, Little Brother.”

Tsu lifted his hand up, grabbing a sake bottle and gripping it with his left, popping it open.

“Don’t let anyone get to you, you’re special.”

He downed it, closing it away.

“No matter what will happen, just keep…”

Tsu lifted his right hand up.


He brought it into a Peace Sign, and tilted his head, smiling.


He opened his mouth, still making the peace sign as he smiled larger.




Revelian And Vecio Venin's Prelude.

Coming Soon.

Savan Feliar's Prelude.

Coming Soon, but not as soon as the one above.

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