The Uccello Clan

The Armata, Or Army.

While The Uccello Is partly for fun, we do in fact have an army made up of different creatures, so that when a commander needs to, they can summon them, but they aren't needed much, they hold their allegiance to the Uccello.

                                                                 The Uccelli

The Uccelli are the Uccello's main army, Hawk like birds with Arms, usually holding Spears or swords, and while each one separate isnt that strong, they attack in large groups.

                                                              The Aven Soldiers


 Another Large Part Of The Army, The Aven Soldiers are grouped like regular soldiers, these Bird Soldiers wear a coat of Armor around them, and are able to fly at fast speeds, this army makes up the Gun Division Of The Armata, while each soldier is equipped with a fine Broad sword, each is also equipped with A weapon in fact used in Italy, the Baretta AR 70/90 Assault Rifle, pretty strange eh? Their are also seperate snipers within the army, just like a regular army.


                                                                 The Genkai

                           Dmon.jpg Demon image by Shiroyasha

 The Genkai is a secret techniques of Tsu's which unlocks the cage which holds together the Large, Souless, Demon Mass Of Wicked and Deathly Energy, known as Genkai, locked away in the farthest reaches of the void.

When the Genkai is unleashed, an opening is made into the real world, as soon as the energy touches the opening to the real world, it takes shape, and comes out as different figures, they can be anything, from Swords to Human like creatures, any sort of shape the energy can take.

The Genkai dosent have a brain, or a soul, its just Energy, taken shape, they only know one thing, to obey the Command of Tsu, and to attack any enemy in their way, when a genkai creature is destroyed, it will self destruct, and the broken energy will flow back into the void, reform in the beginning mass of Genkai in the void, and come back out as another figure, it is extremely dangerous and is barley ever used. 


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