The Uccello Clan

Savan Feliar, The "Dove."


 Savan (Known to most as Keo) Used to be quite the Emotional One, his moods have changed over the years, not always sticking to a single one. Now Though, he is usually flambouent and hyper, while still retaining the Natural Sain Ness, as his other brothers do. Savan is a pure blood Vampire, though he doesn't look down on others unless they're Demonsonic.. Or Moka... or Army... Or.... Well...Any Noob, Really. But not his friends.

His only major weapon at the time is Fenris, a stone grey dagger with a studded guard and a single edged blade. He is one of the 60 originals and that is mainly the reason he isn't another bumbling gming cancer.

~ Coffee Addict Ftw~ 



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