The Uccello Clan

                                         Alphonse Vivente, The New ''Hawk.''

''Auugh My Fuucking Head..''

''Lets Get Jiggy With It.''

''Im Dazed and confused...Bitch.'' 

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Resides In : Everywhere. (Moonbase, Sherwood, ClubMarian, Xat)

The New Tiziano, In A Sense.

When tsu died, he could no longer remain in the realm of the living, and now resides in the spirit realm. All of the spirit god’s in Tsu’s realm besides himself are in charge of watching over the millions of spirits and souls that live in the lesser spirit realms and in the mortal world. Tsu, being someone who chose to become a spirit god and was never a spirit to begin with, has his own free will, and instead is just a spirit god who roams around in his realm. What allows a spirit god from Tsu’s realm to stay in the realm of the living, is their ‘’essence’’, when a spirit god wants, they can use their ‘’essence’’ to enter a human body, use the basic energy techniques and stay in the living, for a certain amount of time. Tsu, was able to gain full control since he was already from the mortal realm to begin with, he had more of a connection with it. But soon enough, his time had to come as well; he was not allowed to return after he left, since he used his essence to the greatest extent. When he returned to his realm, he tried time and again to come back to the mortal world, but the main spirit god wouldn’t comply, until finally he was offered a deal. If Tsu, we’re to help watch over the lesser spirits like the rest of them, then his now weakened essence could be put into a human body, in which the person would hold the energy techniques, and the memories of Tsu, but still retain their separate lives, they would basically be a Retainer. When tsu did this, he found Alphonse, made the contract with him, and Alphonse was made the Retainer of Tsu’s essence, to become his replacement. 

He also tends to eat, drink, and smoke...a lot. But if you think he strange, just watch till you see what he eats.

He'll eat anything in the area, nothing is known about what sort of technique this is or how its possible, but one day you'll see him just grab a branch off of a tree and take a chomp out of it, or drink sake..alot of sake, sake is usually what hes known for.  

~Sake King~ 




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